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We at are committed to deliver quality products, professional service and have a team of highly qualified specialists. Your satisfaction and love for our brand is the biggest reward for us, and we feel proud of delivering our 100% to provide the best quality products in competitive price and at your doorstep. It usually takes 12-25 business days to arrive. Due to the current situation of covid-19 and quarantine measures in the customs service, delivery times may be increased to 60 days
Our professional staff makes sure that you get satisfied. Suppose anything wrong happens with your order. You can contact 24/7, and our customer service staff will do their best to solve your problem.

Our Shipping Information:

We have several methods that we use to ship your products at your doorstep, and we leave no stone unturned to provide with the best and safest shipping methods so that every product reaches you safely without any harm and within or before the time.
If you don’t receive your order within the mentioned days, you can always contact the customer service, and we will be more than happy to help you out.
It usually takes one week to get a reply from the Postal Service. If your package is lost, then we will reship your product.

Additional Information:

All of our products are shipped in a plain carton and don’t have any information on the box.
The delivery address is fetched from the customer’s input in the order detail. Please be sure that you put the information correctly, or else we will not be responsible for the loss.
If someone is not at home to receive the package, then they can obtain it from the local post office.



Is it legit to buy cigarettes on this website?

It’s not allowed to send cigarettes by post. However, buying cigarettes you do not violate the law, because the number of cigarettes sent is very small.


Are these cigarettes genuine or fake?

All the brands we sell are 100% genuine. They are produced in other countries with a lower excise tax on tobacco products.

Delivery time

What is the delivery time?

Delivery usually takes from 15 to 21 days depending on the chosen delivery method. Sometimes this period can be increased. For example, due to a large number of orders or the lengthy procedure of customs control.

Product origin

In which country are cigarettes produced?

We mainly sell cigarettes made in Eastern Europe countries.

Seizure risk

What is the likelihood that customs will find cigarettes?

In about 95% of cases, parcels successfully pass the customs control. But it should be remembered that the smaller the parcel, the greater the chance that it will be released from customs.

We recommend ordering no more than 2 blocks per parcel. you can make several orders, and we will send two blocks each. This increases the probability of delivery.

Customs clearance

Whether I will process the purchase at customs and how much I will pay the fee?

We send from a private person to a private person, the customs Declaration will indicate that this is a gift, the price is 10 EUR, 10 USD, 10 GBP.


If I do not receive my order, will I have a refund?

There are two options:

A. If your order was insured you’ll receive a full refund. Uninsured orders allow you to save money, but at the same time, you lose the opportunity to have a refund in case of seizure.

B. After we receive the parcel, we will refund you 70% of the order value, or you will pay for the delivery again and we will send the order again.

Read more about insurance “Terms & Conditions”.


Will I have a tracking number?

Yes. Each parcel has a tracking number. As soon as your order is sent, you will receive a notification email containing the tracking number.

Rolling tobacco

I’m looking for rolling tobacco. Do you have it in stock?

Sorry, we do not sell rolling tobacco.

Delivery area

Which countries do you have delivery to?

Yes, we can send the parcel to any country except Australia. Except for IQOS and Heets products.

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